Google Recaptcha and EPiServer.Forms

Forms 3.0.0, CMS 9.12, MVC

Last night I played with EPiServer Forms. And there is a sample pack to install as Eric Herlitz blogs about, for the moment containing a calender picker and Googles Recaptcha, real neet!

Install the EPiServer.Forms.Samples:

The RecaptchaElementBlock as it is, needs to have specified a sitekey and secret key (Register at to get your keys)

I found it unfortunate that the editors needed to fill in and remember the keys every time, so i found out a way to set them automaticly when the element block is created thanks to Alf Nilssons sample code on github. (by the way setting Allow Anonymous on Forms is a prefered default)

My code:

using EPiServer.Forms.Samples.Implementation.Elements;

//In initialization
ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IContentEvents>().CreatingContent += SetRecaptchaKeys;

private void SetRecaptchaKeys(object sender, ContentEventArgs e)
    if (e.Content is RecaptchaElementBlock)
        ((RecaptchaElementBlock)e.Content).SiteKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Google.ReCaptcha.Public"] + "";
        ((RecaptchaElementBlock)e.Content).SecretKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Google.ReCaptcha.Secret"] + "";


2 thoughts on “Google Recaptcha and EPiServer.Forms”

  1. can you go further and explain how you call this function in client side? thankful

  2. Thanks this works like charm. Have you tried to implement recaptcha version 3? pls share a walk through in that case

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