Another QuickNavigation Extension and Examples for #EPiServer #AddOn

Nice Episerver addon that adds menu items to the QuickNavigationMenu when logged in on public site, link to admin, link to ContentType, and logout.

Published 22 February 2017
For Episerver Version 9 and later

All configurable links to imagevault, find, admin, admin content type, and logout. Even custom links!

Default menus are Admin and logout, to activate other menu items apply this appsettings: (they are sortable)

    <add key="Gosso.QuickNav" value="imagevault,find,admin,contenttype,logout" />

You can add custom menu items, Name and url with pipe in between. Name can be lang resource path eg /shell/admin/logout

<add key="Gosso.QuickNav" value="Custom link|,imagevault,find,admin,contenttype,logout" />


Packages are in Episerver’s NuGet feed. If not set up go to Visual Studio => NuGet Package Manager => Package Sources => Add

Install-Package Gosso.EPiServerAddOn.QuickNavExtension

More on Github:


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2 thoughts on “Another QuickNavigation Extension and Examples for #EPiServer #AddOn”

  1. Create an interface (e.g. IQuickNavigationMenuProvider) and give me possibility to add more menu items via code (that would make sure that I don’t need to use Xml path for resources and also will give me possibility to resolve Url at runtime, instead of config file).

    And also add callback for checking whether this item is available in current context (cases when I want to add shortcut to some resource, but only for selected group of users).

    No pressure, just a thug life of OSS authors 🙂


    1. Sure thingy Waldis! yes could do, i wanted to keep it childish simple.

      The recommendation is still to use your own IQuickNavigatorItemProvider implementation if you want full control (which my code is based on)

      Will see, thx for all input =)

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