Associating documents/PDF to a page/pagetype in Episerver FIND

I’ve seen different solutions out there, but sometimes the one with less code is also the simplest and best.

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Published 9th of November 2018
Episerver Find 13


You want to get a search hit from an associated document when you make a free-text search on a typed object or with unified search.


My DataModel looks like this:

Find Initialization config

The query:

With this easy approach, it will work, even though you won’t be able to see the connection in Find > Overview > Explore.


Cant find Documents in Episerver FIND UI?

If you install “EPiServer.Find.Cms.AttachmentFilter“, this makes “documents/genericmedia” appear in Find > Overview > Explore

Further Options and reading

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    • Filter file used on child pages

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