Beta-activate Nose-touch Api for browsers on IOS devices

Published 1st of April 2020

Ever used your nose to swipe or touch a button on your phone? Finally it is here. The nose touch API feature! Adios touch friendly gloves! This is especially useful in cold countries like the Nordics. Or if you’re having wet fingers, or just missing a third hand. By activating this beta functionality you may activate nose gesture for touch screen devices on your Episerver web site.

Yes, it seems to work on Android too, but as usual less good though.

Source CBS: Ryan Tannehill used his nose to control his tablet screen

How to implement on your site

1. Activate beta feature

The nose gesture is in beta, so to be able to use it in a web browser, you need to activate it thru the Feature Policy. Feature Policy provides a mechanism to explicitly declare what functionality is used (or not used), throughout your website.

Add to web.config or by code to response header “Feature Policy”=”nose-touch *”. * Star meaning the feature will be allowed in this document, and all nested browsing contexts (iframes) regardless of their origin.


2. Javascript example use for your site

Example use of “noseclick” and “noseswipe” event in javascript


Conclusion and demo page

I would recommend to use this feature for all sites with customers groups in cold countries or states. Perfect for ski resorts or hockey arenas. Perfect if you have a big french nose like me.

Try it here: DEMO PAGE

Alternative technics

Since this have been a problem since smart phones came back in 2007. Dominic Wilcox seems have solved the problem with a nose finger.

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