Find an Episerver Partner with Certified Developers [Ended]

Everything comes to an end. So this page is now ending from 2022-12-30. This service helps you find an Episerver partner with Episerver Certified Developers and EMVPs (Episerver Most Valued Professional)


For the moment we are experiencing problem with duplicate users. We will address this in near future.

Purpose of the service:

  • Encourage partner companies to train staff and take the certifications
  • Encourage developers to take the certifications
  • Help customers to find a partner company with certified devs
  • Help customers to find out if their devs are certified

Why are some partners not present?
That may be because the certifications are time limited, an Episerver certification is valid for 2 years. It may also be because the developer is not associated with any company.

The data is based on web scraping on The data may be wrong, then please check the user profile on world. If needed contact World support or update your profile on World.

How the service is built:
Azure timer function retrieving data from by web scraping.
Saves the data in CosmosDB.
The app on this page gets the data through a Azure function api call.

Why it is important with certified developers (ECD)

It is an important measure of knowledge. It proves your skills to provide quality solutions within a given specialty. It sure means that you as a developer or organisation value knowledge and that you are up to date. The Episerver certifications are valid for only 2 years.

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